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Prevent Loose Stools & Combat Diarrhea 

Nature's Diet Digestive Health & Anti-Diarrhea Dehydrated Carrots are an easy-to-feed daily meal topper. Dehydrated carrots are a tried and true age-old method of adding bulk in the intestinal tract to move food along and prevent diarrhea. Don't wait until your dog shows signs of digestive issues - use daily as a preventative supplement. In addition to aiding in digestion, carrots provide essential vitamins and nutrients for whole body health like Biotin, Potassium & Beta-Carotene. Serve dry over food or rehydrate in water or oil for fast acting relief.  Give this all natural, single ingredient, whole food meal topper a try - your dog will thank you!

Ingredients : Carrots

Guaranteed Analysis

No Fillers | No Grains 
No Preservatives | No Dyes
No GMO Ingredients



Protein (min)                                          4.7%
Fat (min)                                                 1.9%
Fiber (max)                                           17.5%
Moisture (max)                                     10.6%
Calorie Content
Calculated ME = 2439 kcal/kg

Serve Dry or Rehydrate

Nature's Diet Dried Digestive Carrots can be sprinkled daily over food daily to provide insoluble fiber in the intestinal tract that moves food along and prevents loose stools. To combat diarrhea, carrots can be rehydrated in water or oil for faster relief. It is normal for some carrots (fibrous bulk) to remain intact after digestion. 

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