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Decoding Pet Food Labels: Guaranteed Analysis Provide Insights Into Your Pet's Daily Nutrition

Have you ever wondered why pet food is labeled with a Guaranteed Analysis instead of Nutrition Facts? This is because of the different ways that humans and pets eat their meals. Humans crave variety in their diets and experience food preferences that can make planning and sticking to a balanced diet complicated. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, thrive on routine and enjoy eating the same thing every day. This preference gives us the unique opportunity to provide our pets with an optimized daily diet that accounts for their complete nutritional needs. Lets break down how pet food Guaranteed Analysis can help us understand our pets' daily diets and provide them with food their bodies need to thrive.

Human Food vs Pet Food Labels

Understanding the differences between pet food nutritional labels and human food nutritional labels is crucial for providing optimal care to both our pets and ourselves. Most of us are familiar with deciphering Nutrition Facts on human food labels that often present percentages based on daily values, accommodating the varied nature of human diets. In contrast, pet food labels typically offer a detailed breakdown of macronutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates as a percentage of the total content, focusing on the specific composition of each meal.

Nutrition Facts label for human food highlights how much protein an average human needs per day

Human Food nutrition facts tell us how much of our daily nutrition comes from one serving.

This system for tracking nutrition accounts for variety in human diets. However, it can be difficult to keep track of each food eaten throughout the day to make sure that we are getting the right proportions of macronutrients and nutrition in our diet.

Guaranteed Analysis for pet food highlights how much protein content is in the food

Rather than Nutrition Facts, pet foods are labeled with a Guaranteed Analysis. This means that a 3rd party laboratory tested the food to determine its composition. The results are used to build a Guaranteed Analysis which tells us what proportion of macronutrients are in each bowl of food. Dogs and cats typically eat the same food every day. By reading a Guaranteed Analysis, you can know the exact nutritional composition of your pet's daily diet.

Importance of Choosing Quality Pet Food:

As devoted pet owners, understanding nutritional labels can help us make informed choices about the quality of our pets' food. The protein content in dog food directly impacts the overall health and well-being of our dogs. When examining dog food labels, the percentage of protein provides essential information about the nutritional value of our dogs' food and the makeup of their diet.

Simply Raw is available in Beef Chicken & Turkey

Simply Raw has a Guaranteed Analysis of 40% protein, making it a biologically appropriate high protein dog food. High protein dog foods like Simply Raw are made with protein from animal sources that closely resemble the protein dogs eat in their natural diet. When you feed Simply Raw daily, you know that your dog is eating a nutritionally complete diet made from a variety of healthy whole foods, raw meat & organ. Rotating flavors of Simply Raw can add nutritional

variety to your dog's diet while ensuring they meet their complete daily nutritional needs and get the protein they need.

Simply Raw Biologically appropriate freeze-dried raw food for dogs

Benefits of biologically appropriate high protein Simply Raw:

Muscle Development and Maintenance: Dogs are inherently carnivorous animals, and protein is a fundamental building block for their muscles. Adequate protein content supports muscle development in puppies and helps adult dogs maintain lean muscle mass.

Stable Energy Levels: Protein serves as a crucial energy source for dogs. It plays a significant role in sustaining their energy levels and preventing blood sugar crashes, particularly for active breeds or dogs with high energy requirements.

Dog eats snow in the winter while playing cute

Immune System Support: Proteins and the diverse amino acids profile in raw meat, organ and bone contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system. A well-balanced protein intake supports the production of antibodies and enzymes, helping your dog's body defend against illnesses.

Skin and Coat Health: The condition of a dog's skin and coat is often reflective of its overall health. Protein is essential for maintaining healthy skin and a lustrous coat. It supports the growth of hair and contributes to its strength and shine.

Recovery and Repair: In the case of injuries, illnesses or even pregnancy, a diet rich in protein aids in the recovery and repair of tissues. This is especially important for dogs with an active lifestyle or those recovering from surgery.

Simply Raw freeze-dried safe raw food for dogs can be prepared over night

When selecting dog food based on protein content, consider your dog's age, size, activity level, and any specific health concerns. A high protein diet may be especially important for puppies, active dogs, diabetic dogs and dogs working on maintaining a healthy weight. By choosing a high protein option like Simply Raw, you can provide your dog with a well-rounded and nutritionally balanced diet that contributes to their overall health, vitality, and longevity.

three adorable dog friends go for a walk at the park

Another important component on any pet food Guaranteed Analysis is the fiber content. Dietary fiber aids dogs by promoting digestive health, regulating blood sugar levels, contributing to weight management through increased satiety, and supporting overall well-being by preventing constipation and promoting a healthy balance in their gastrointestinal system. Complete and balanced dog foods will include the fiber content in their Guaranteed Analysis. Simply Raw is grain free and contains 4% fiber from healthy whole food sources like sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, apple & kale.

Benefits of Grain-Free, High-Fiber Simply Raw:

Weight Management:

- Satiety and Reduced Caloric Intake: Grain-free, high-fiber dog foods like Simply Raw promote a feeling of fullness & regulate blood sugar levels, helping to reduce overall caloric intake & stabilize energy levels thought the day. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs prone to weight gain or those needing weight management.

- Maintaining Lean Body Mass: The combination of high fiber and protein content in Simply Raw supports the maintenance of lean body mass. This is essential for weight management and overall health, preventing obesity-related issues.

Obesity is a problem for dogs Simply Raw can help

Digestive Health:

- Improved Digestion: High-fiber content aids in promoting healthy digestion. It can prevent constipation and regulate bowel movements, ensuring that the digestive system functions optimally. This is especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues.

- Prevention of Gastrointestinal Disorders: Grain-free options like Simply Raw exclude common allergens like wheat and corn, potentially reducing the risk of food sensitivities and gastrointestinal disorders. Dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities may find relief with grain-free high fiber diets like Simply Raw.

A woman plays with her dog friend on the beach

Blood Sugar Regulation:

- Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels: High-fiber dog foods can contribute to stabilizing blood sugar levels. This is particularly important for dogs at risk of diabetes or those with diabetes, as it helps manage insulin resistance and promotes overall metabolic health. In addition, stable blood sugar levels help dogs feel their best and maintain their energy throughout the day to prevent lethargy.

Longevity and Overall Well-Being:

- Nutrient-Rich Formulations: Simply Raw is a grain-free, high-fiber dog food formulated with a wide variety of whole foods that are rich in essential nutrients. These nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, contribute to overall well-being and may play a role in promoting longevity.

- Support for Aging Dogs: For senior dogs, grain-free high-fiber options can be particularly beneficial. They address specific nutritional needs, including joint health and cognitive function, contributing to a higher quality of life in their later years.

Opting for a grain-free, high-fiber dog food like Simply Raw can provide a multitude of benefits, from weight management and digestive health to overall longevity and well-being.

Fat Content & Sources

A woman feeds her dog Simply Raw

Fat content in dog food is a critical component, serving as a concentrated energy source and contributing to various aspects of canine health. When reading a Guaranteed Analysis on pet food labels, the fat percentage provides insights into the dietary fat levels, but not fat sources. The sources of fat are equally significant. Dogs need fat in their diet to survive and thrive, but it is important that this fat is from biologically appropriate sources. Fat in dog food should come from whole food animal sources, not highly processed oils. Simply Raw stands out with its 15% fat derived from whole food animal sources, including raw meat, organ meat, bone, and egg. These whole food ingredients not only contribute to the palatability of Simply Raw but also provide essential nutrients crucial for a dog's overall well-being. Simply Raw's commitment to using high-quality animal-based fats rather than fillers used by other brands underscores our dedication to promoting optimal health in dogs so they can live their best and longest lives possible.

Nature's Diet Simply Raw whole food freeze dried safe raw food for dogs

A man high fives his dog in the woods

Benefits of Raw Food:

Guaranteed Analysis can help us know the exact nutritional composition of our dog's food but that isn't the only factor worth considering. It is also important to consider the ingredients in dog food, how a food is cooked (or not cooked, in the case of raw) and whether it is made with whole food vs heavily processed byproducts. Biologically appropriate raw whole food, such as Simply Raw, combines nutritional composition and ingredient quality. Our transformative approach to pet nutrition makes freeze-dried Simply Raw stand out as a leader in minimally processed & nutritionally complete safe-raw food for dogs.

Simply Raw is made with raw muscle meat, raw organ, bone broth and whole egg

Emphasizing the nutritional completeness and bioavailability of nutrients, our raw food aligns with the natural dietary preferences of dogs. The minimal processing involved in freeze-drying retains the inherent nutritional value of the ingredients, ensuring that our pets receive a diet rich in essential nutrients. From supporting healthy digestion to enhancing coat condition and energy levels, the benefits of incorporating raw food into a pet's diet are manifold. By choosing Simply Raw, pet owners can rest assured that they are providing a nutritionally superior option that caters to the specific dietary needs and preferences of their beloved dogs.

A woman eats a meal and her dog is by her side

Unlike humans who enjoy a variety of foods, pets like routine. Most dogs and cats eat the same thing every day, creating a steady diet to support their overall health. While humans can choose from different foods, pets rely on the nutritional completeness of each meal to get the right nutrients they need for their best health. This difference in eating strategies between humans and pets is reflected in the way that our food is labeled with nutritional labels. Understanding and selecting pet food with appropriate protein levels, considering the benefits of grain-free high-fiber formulations, and paying attention to fat content are essential elements for promoting the optimal health, longevity, and well-being of our canine companions.

Nature's Diet whole food for pets holistic raw solutions

Now that you know how to decipher a pet food Guaranteed Analysis and discern key factors in selecting the right food for your dog, consider the nutritional excellence of Simply Raw. With 40% protein & 15% fat content sourced from whole food animal ingredients like meat, organ meat, bone, and egg, Simply Raw not only meets but exceeds the standards for a nourishing and balanced canine diet. Our high fiber, grain free formula provides dogs with energy to last them throughout their day and prevent spikes in blood sugar. Don't just trust pet food claims - read the Guaranteed Analysis to know exactly what's in your pet's food. Making an informed choice for your furry friend's well-being can make all the difference – because when it comes to nutrition, whole food, biologically appropriate Simply Raw is simply the best.

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