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Freeze-Dried Raw : Sustainable, Natural, Economical

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

It's no secret : 40% of food in America is wasted. The global food system is broken, and food waste is a major culprit.

Image Source : World Economic Forum

Nearly 1/3 of ripe, perfectly good produce grown in the US is sent to landfills immediately after harvest. Food that is ripe or near ripe when picked is often scrapped in favor of food that is under-ripe and will mature by the time it travels across the country to reach consumers.

Worse still, as much as 23% of fresh, usable meat is thrown out before it even leaves the processing facility. This is due to a relatively high demand for premium cuts like steak and chicken breast compared to other cuts like dark meat and organs. A massive proportion of meat produced in America is wasted before it even reaches grocery stores.

Freeze drying is a sustainable, economical and practical solution to cut down on food waste and fight food shortages in underserved areas.

Freeze-dried pet food gives farmers a means of preserving their ripe produce and surplus meat cuts while they are still fresh so that food can be eaten rather than thrown out.

Compared to other types of dog food, freeze-drying is more environmentally friendly, requires a low energy consumption and does not use chemical preservatives or toxins. Another benefit to freeze-dried is that heat is not used, so food is not cooked. Most kibble, canned wet and frozen pet foods are cooked, depleting the nutritional value. Important nutrients in cooked meat can decline by as much as 40% compared to raw food. Freeze dried raw food on the other hand retains 97% of its original nutrition.

Each 3 lb bag of Simply Raw turns into 18 lbs of fresh raw food - because that's exactly what it was made from.

Compared to fresh food, freeze dried food is more sustainable and cost effective to transport from the farm to consumers. Food from farms can be freeze-dried locally at a nearby facility immediately after it is harvested and cut. We source all of the raw meat used in Simply Raw from local farms. All of the fresh human grade ingredients we use to make Simply Raw are grown here in the USA, cutting down on carbon emissions from long shipping distances. Water is extremely heavy. A majority of shipping weight is often from water content alone in fresh food. When water is removed, over 90% of the weight of fresh produce and up to 87% of the weight of fresh meat is removed.

Stop paying to ship water - freeze-dried Simply Raw has the water removed so it's compact, pantry stable and light weight to ship. No refrigeration needed.

Simply Raw takes up less cargo space, weighs less & requires less fuel to transport than fresh wet dog food or kibble.

Simply Raw doesn't require refrigeration in transit or at home, so we don't use wasteful insulated packaging. Our sustainable practices just make sense, and allow us to offer a higher quality product at a more affordable price.

Just Add Water

When it's time to prepare your dog's freeze-dried fresh raw food, just add the water back in at home. Freeze-dried food is absorbent and rehydrates fast. Add 1 part Simply Raw to 2 parts water, stir, and wait. Fresh raw dog food becomes a thickened stew and is ready to serve in 10-15 minutes, or for an even thicker meal, rehydrate for 1 hour or more. If you prefer to prep Simply Raw ahead of time or the night before, rehydrated Simply Raw can be safely stored in the fridge for up to 3 days for quick and easy serving.

Cost & Safety Benefits to Freeze-Dried Dog Food

We don't pay to ship water, and we pass those savings on to our customers through lower prices. Simply Raw is significantly more cost effective than frozen raw or prepping fresh raw at home, and much safer to feed and handle. Beyond being way higher in protein and whole food macronutrients, Simply Raw is even more affordable than most popular cooked fresh pet foods brands like Farmer's Dog & Ollie.

Choosing a freeze-dried fresh dog food like Simply Raw cuts down on food waste, supports agricultural economies and helps prevent rising food costs in communities across the nation.

Even though the majority of food wasted in the US never even makes it to a grocery store shelf, consumers are still paying for food that is thrown out.

Image Source : Fresh N Lean 18 Easy Ways to Avoid Food Waste

It is estimated that the average US household spends an extra $ 2,000 a year in food waste associated costs - like paying a higher price for the produce and meat that does make it onto their table.

Food waste isn't just a threat to our communities and wallets, but also a threat to the planet we love.

Upwards of 8% of man made greenhouse gasses are caused by food waste fumes alone. When perfectly good food is disposed of in a landfill rather than distributed to be eaten, it rots and becomes a significant source of methane – a potent greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

Freeze-dried fresh Simply Raw offers dogs a premium, high protein, whole food raw meal made from human grade ingredients and provides humans with a more economical and environmentally sustainable option for their pets.

At Nature's Diet, our mission is to support healthier and happier pets with nourishing natural foods, sustainably sourced ingredients and transparent, honest labels.

Check out our website for even more ways to support your pet's health, the natural way. It feels good that the things we do to support our pets can help keep our planet & communities healthy too.

Let us know what your pet's favorite Freeze-Dried Raw Nature's Diet product is.
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