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We really DO have four barking dogs and our home brewery goes by the same name!

Thirty years ago, my husband and were married UNDERWATER off a dive boat in the beautiful San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest! Our diving days have long since passed, and now we spend our time at home brewing beer in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, or at our cabin on the Long Beach Peninsula with our four energetic dogs. We just adopted two ten year old rescue dogs whose owner had died. They were destined for a high kill shelter, when a rescue group brought them to Seattle for a local adoption event. They settled in, in no time, much to the chagrin of our three year old Cardigan Corgi, and her buddy, a wanna-be Tibetan Terrier. They are all learning to live together now, and given the advanced age of the new guys, plus the new discovery of a sinus tumor in our Terrier, we wanted a better diet for ALL of them. That led us to consider Nature’s Diet Raw foods. We’re hoping they will enjoy the new food, and that they will have an improved quality of health and life!



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