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Sink and Coat Bone Broth Photo 6 oz.png

Bone Broth Powder


High Protein Blend with Collagen & Omega 3

Nature's Diet Skin & Coat Bone Broth is specially formulated to support skin health, decrease excessive shedding and improve fur's luster. Made with slow simmered beef bone broth, collagen, chia seeds & flax seeds which together form Omega 3, B vitamins and alpha-linoleic acid to promote healthy, hydrated skin & coat. All ingredients in Nature's Diet Skin & Coat Bone Broth are naturally dried to create a powder that can be sprinkled dry over food or easily dissolved in water. You can feed with confidence that we never use preservative or additives in any of our products. Nature's Diet Skin & Coat Bone Broth provides superior nutrition, targeted functional health benefits for your pet and unparalleled convenience for you.

Over 700% more Protein than Leading Liquid Bone Broth

Ingredients : Beef Bone Broth, Collagen, Flax Seed, Chia Seed, Omega 3

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (min)                                       60.0%
Fat (min)                                               19.0%
Fiber (max)                                            7.0%
Moisture (max)                                      5.0%
Calorie Content
Calculated ME = 3,330 kcal/kg 



No Salt | No Grains 
No Preservatives | No Dyes
No GMO Ingredients

How To Use : Use as a supplemental meal topping. Sprinkle dry over food or rehydrate in warm water and pour over food. Can also be served alone as a warm liquid, or frozen for a cooling treat. Freeze inside a toy for easier crate training or alone time entertainment. 

Easy To Rehydrate : Mix 1 tablespoon powdered bone broth with 1 cup warm water. Stir & serve. 

Serving Size : Sprinkle 1 teaspoon bone broth daily or twice daily per 30 lbs or serve 1/3 cup liquid bone broth per 30 lbs with each meal. 

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