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All Natural


Bite Sized, All Meat, Preservative Free Jerky 

Nature’s Diet Jerky is 100% natural, pure, bite sized jerky that is easy to digest and convenient to feed. Our Jerky isn’t like other jerky for dogs- it is made naturally and safely with only fresh meat and a natural vegetable binding agent to hold all the meaty deliciousness together. No salt. No sugar. No Vinegar. No chemicals. Nature’s Diet Jerky is high in protein, low in fat and free of grain, gluten, preservatives and dyes. Made lovingly in small batches in the USA with only the finest human grade ingredients and zero GMOs.

Ingredients : Turkey, Vegetable Glycerine

(an all natural binding agent)

Guaranteed Analysis

No Fillers | No Grains 
No Preservatives | No Dyes
No GMO Ingredients



Protein (min)                                       45.0%
Fat (min)                                              12.0%
Fiber (max)                                            1.5%
Moisture (max)                                    16.0%
Calorie Content
Calculated ME = 3,900 kcal/kg 

The Healthier Jerky

Jerky is a convenient and delicious reward for dogs - but processed meats have been linked to heart disease, cancer & diabetes. Nature's Diet Jerky Bits are made without processed nitrates and preservatives - the ONLY ingredients we use are meat, and a small amount of vegetable glycerine (an all natural binding agent). Safer and tastier!

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