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Rehydrate Powdered Bone Broth Fast - No Clumps

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Powdered Bone Broth has a higher protein content than pre-mixed varieties, doesn't contain chemical additives typically found in liquid varieties and can easily be rehydrated to make a savory liquid broth that's sure to have tails wagging. Follow easy steps for perfect emulsifier-free bone broth that doesn't clump.

Most pre-mixed bone broth for pets contains under 2% protein and can cost up to 10X as much as powdered versions due to high shipping weight of watered down broth.

All Flavors of Nature's Diet Powdered bone broth concentrate contains over 50% protein, doesn't need to be refrigerated and is a much more cost effective option for pet owners looking for a nutrient rich all natural bone broth to boost nutrition and palatability of food.

Bone Broth Powder can be sprinkled dry over food or rehydrated to make a savory high protein broth enjoyed alone or poured over a meal.

Emulsifier Free Bone Broth

Liquid bone broth is premixed with water before packaging and typically contains a chemical emulsifier which prevents the water and broth particles from separating over time. Powdered Bone Broth is higher in protein, all natural and a great choice for pet owners looking for an additive-free nutrient dense broth. When mixing bone broth at home, chemical emulsifiers are completely unnecessary - a rich and creamy broth can be made the natural way by simply mixing or shaking the powder into warm tap water.

Shaken Bone Broth Ready In Seconds

The easiest way to rehydrate Nature's Diet High Protein Bone Broth Powders is to combine and shake the powder and warm water in a mason jar, or other well-sealed container like a repurposed pickle jar. Simply measure your water and add the powder directly on top, as shown in the above video. Shake for 10-15 seconds or until well incorporated into a savory broth ready to serve or store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

For quick, easy to store broth use a mason jar or other well-sealed container and shake for 10-15 seconds or until well incorporated.

Stirred Bone Broth : Add Water Slowly to Create a Paste

When making stirred bone broth directly in your pet's bowl, the key is to add your bone broth powder to a dry bowl first and then slowly stir in warm water. Start with adding just 1 tablespoon of water on top of 1 tablespoon bone broth powder and mix to create a paste-like consistency. This prevents the hydrophobic (water "fearing") powder particles from clumping together and allows the powder to smoothly incorporate into water. Once your bone broth paste is complete, simply add the remainder of your water and stir into a perfect broth ready to serve in seconds!

When Stirring Bone Broth, the key is to add warm water to the powder slowly, making a paste before adding the remainder of your water.

Get Creative

Liquid bone broth is a classic treat or meal topper that pets love, but powdered bone broth can be used to create countless other treats and solutions for your pet! Try freezing bone broth for a tasty summertime snack to help dogs cool down in the sun, mix up a batch of all natural bone broth pill pockets or add goat milk and to your broth for a warm winter time treat that makes the perfect end to a play day in the snow. What are your favorite powdered bone broth recipes? Drop us a line with your creative uses - we love to hear from you and we might just feature your recipe in a future post :)

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