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Raw Meat treats For Dogs

It's hard to beat these highly motivating bite sized pieces of 100% raw meat. Available in 5 protein varieties dogs love : turkey heart, beef heart, lamb liver, salmon & chicken. Freeze-dried fresh, safe to feed and store unrefrigerated. 

Sweet Potato

 Nature’s Diet 100% dried Sweet Potato Chews are an irresistible, healthy reward that satisfies your dog’s desire to chew & cleans teeth naturally.

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Soft Raw Treats

Perfect for training, these freeze-dried soft raw  treats are made with a blend of meat, organ, goat milk, fruits & veggies. Available in 3 healthy protein varieties : duck, pork & chicken. Freeze-dried fresh, safe to feed and store unrefrigerated. 

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Natural  Jerky Bits

Made with all meat and natural vegetable glycerin to bind, these healthy jerky treats are nitrate free and the perfect size for training.

For All Life Stages

Nature's Diet® treats are formulated for all life stages. Our dog and cat treats provide unmatched flavor and nutrition to cats and dogs of all ages. 

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All RAw Meat
For Cats

Bite sized pieces of 100% raw meat. Freeze-dried safe raw meat just for cats

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