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Raw Meat Treats for Dogs

Raw Meat Treats for Dogs


Nature's Diet® all raw meat treats are made from a single ingredient : just raw meat. The Nature's Diet assortment pack contains 1 pouches of each of our freeze dried raw canine treats: Beef Heart, Turkey Heart, Salmon, Chicken Breast, Lamb Liver and Cheddar Cheese Cubes. All Nature's Diet Treats are 100% Single Animal Protein. Nature's Diet Treats are suitable for RAW and PALEO diets for pets. As with all Nature's Diet pet foods we never add  fillers or preservatives. You can feed with confidence that our products are Made in the USA.

Ingredients:  Raw Meat 

(Depending on flavor selection)

-Raw Beef Heart

-Raw Turkey Heart

-Raw Lamb Liver

-Raw Chicken Meat

-Raw Salmon