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Safety & Quality

What motivated us as pet parents to develop Nature's Diet, was finding out numerous times that the brands of food we were feeding our pets were being recalled. In fact,  we found an enormous database of recall information that is regularly updated and continues to grow today. We knew we wanted to stay away from those brands, but that did not leave many choices.   As we started researching alternatives, we found that there were not many brands that did not have recalls and virtually all the choices contained a long list of ingredients- many of which were not foods we recognized or wanted to feed our pets.   If meat was the first ingredient, it was a euphemism for the real ingredient ("chicken” was sometimes chicken feet and chicken feathers, “beef” was often beef meal made from ground up parts).  Many included fillers, preservatives, chemicals, grain and who knows what else. 


So we did what many other pet owners have done.  We decided to feed our pets raw foods that were consistent with a paleo diet.  They loved it, but it was not easy on us.  We had to buy expensive raw ingredients and we were always questioning whether we were providing a well-rounded diet that met all their nutritional requirements.   We also found that feeding raw meat can be dangerous to pets and humans if it is not handled properly and consumed immediately. We liked the raw and paleo diet, but needed to find a way to make it more convenient to serve and store and much safer than raw and frequently recalled foods.  What we found was we could start with whole and usually raw ingredients, naturally preserve them by removing the water, make them shelf stable, light-weight, highly nutritious and safe. 

We started with treats, added niblets, bone broth and our holistic supplements. We now offer several choices of complete and balanced meals for dogs: Simply Raw, Raw Coated and Raw Mix and for cats Ultimate Raw. 

Nature’s Diet was founded on the idea that pets deserve to be fed quality, nutritious food that is similar to the way they ate in the wild.  That’s how we came up with the name “Nature’s Diet” – The diet that is as close to instinctual foods found in nature.   We believe that eating high quality, whole, simple, non-processed foods will help pets live long, healthy, enriching lives. 

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