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 Our Story

We developed Nature’s Diet with the goal to merge the practical needs of today’s busy pet family with the dietary health needs and quality of life of our pets.


The idea for Nature’s Diet came to us when feeding traditional raw to our own pets. We liked all the health benefits of raw refrigerated and frozen fresh pet food. However, the inconvenience of shopping, storage and spoilage/safety concerns were drawbacks that we knew other families were experiencing as well. Nature’s Diet pet food and treats allow health conscious pet families to feed highly palatable and nutritious raw food to their furry family members in a form that is shelf-stable, long lasting, lightweight, easy to feed and extremely portable.

We apply our cutting edge, high pressure,  food preservation technology to only the finest raw ingredients, USDA meat and whole foods that are fit for human consumption. You can feed your pet Nature’s Diet, with confidence that ingredients are 100% safe, raw, natural and free of all additives, fillers and preservatives.  Look at our labels and you'll see nothing but good wholesome, healthy food.

We feed Arlo, Olive & Mayzie and Annie Nature's Diet and they love it. We believe good, healthy, pure food will keep them active and well throughout all the stages of their lives. We are proud to offer our products to your pet family. 


Nurture With Nature!

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