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Pill-Free Joint Support for Dogs

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Maintaining your dog's joint health doesn't have to be a struggle - tasty, natural, pill-free options offer relief

From time to time, most of us wish our dogs could tell us what they think about all day. This is especially true when a dog we love might be experiencing joint pain. Serious signs like irritability and difficulty jumping are easier to spot, but the first clues of joint discomfort are often subtly expressed. Holistic joint support can combat the progression of joint diseases.

If your dog is standing up more slowly, lagging behind in walks, or sleeping more than usual, they may be showing signs of joint discomfort.

Nature's Diet

Hip & Joint Bone Broth

- a natural pill-free choice to support dogs experiencing joint pain. With collagen, pumpkin, turmeric & blueberry, this concentrated high protein powder is made for dogs with joint discomfort. Collagen helps build and maintain cartilage in joints. Anti-inflammatory properties in chondroitin-rich turmeric, blueberries and pumpkin combat swelling and manage pain.

Boost Nutrition with a Tasty Meal Topper - Fish Oil Support

Rich in omega 3, EPA & DHA, salmon oil fights joint inflammation and boosts immunity. Using pill-free Nature's Diet Norwegian Salmon Oil is easy - dogs love the taste. Dosed by the pump (1 pump = 1/4 tsp), simply add 1 pump daily per 10 lbs body weight to your dog's daily meal. Nature's Diet Pure Norwegian Salmon Oil is made from fish raised sustainably in an ocean environment off the coast of Norway and free of toxins and added dyes. In addition to fighting joint discomfort, this daily topper also contains fatty acids that support heart health and brain function.

It is never too early to start supporting your dog's joints.

Bone Broth is a natural pill-free choice to support joint health in dogs of all ages.

According to veterinarians, progressive joint diseases don't just affect senior dogs of large breeds - 20% of all dogs over 1 year of age experience joint pain serious enough to require clinical attention from a veterinarian.

Incorporating bone broth into your dog's daily food can benefit all dogs, including puppies. In the wild, canines eat bones as a part of their natural diet, in part due to their high collagen content.

Collagen from bone broth is a key component of cartilage and helps build and maintain healthy, resilient joints.

Using a concentrated, collagen rich, high protein bone broth like Nature's Diet Original Bone Broth is an easy and effective way to offer dogs of all ages life long joint support. Sprinkle dry over food, or mix with water for a liquid daily joint supplement.

Holistic Joint Health - Freeze-Dried Raw Complete Meals

Support Joints with bone broth, fish oil, superfoods & more

A complete meal rich in protein from muscle, organ and bone broth like freeze-dried Nature's Diet Simply Raw promotes joint health and offers whole body support.

Simply Raw® freeze-dried raw complete and balanced meals are packed with protein & collagen to support healthy joints, as well as inflammation fighters like fish oil, berries, spinach and chia.

Available in Beef and Turkey as well as mix and match 9 lb value packs, Simply Raw is the safest, easiest way to feed a raw diet & offer holistic joint support to dogs of all breeds and life stages.

At Nature's Diet, our mission is to support healthier and happier pets with nourishing natural foods, sustainably sourced ingredients and transparent, honest labels.

Check out our website for even more ways to support your pet's health, the natural way.

How do your pets like to eat their Nature's Diet?

Drop us a line with your favorite pill-free option to support your dog's joints. We would love to hear from you!

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