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Norwegian Salmon Oil

Norwegian Salmon Oil


Nature’s Diet Norwegian Salmon Oil is 100% pure & naturally rich in OMEGA 3, 6 & 9. These powerful fatty acids work together to promote holistic health benefits ranging from heart and brain support, to joint pain relief, digestive regularity & skin & coat health. At Nature’s Diet, we source our ingredients thoughtfully to help your pet thrive. Our Salmon Oil is made with 100% Norwegian Salmon, raised sustainably in ocean environments off the south-western coast of Norway.  Free of toxins commonly found in other products made with farm raised fish, our salmon oil gets its vibrant orange color naturally healthy fish. With no antibiotics, no harmful pesticides & no unnatural dyes from fish feed, Nature’s Diet Salmon Oil is as delicious, nutritious and pure as it gets. 

Ingredient :

  • Norwegian Salmon Oil
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