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Digestion Bone Broth

Digestion Bone Broth


Nature's Diet Digestion Bone Broth is specially formulated to support gut health & improve digestion. Made with slow simmered beef bone broth, then enhanced with probiotics, prebiotics, pumpkin & apple fiber to improve gut microflora, enhance nutrient absorption and promote regular bowl movements.  All ingredients in Nature's Diet Digestion Bone Broth are naturally dried to create a powder that can be sprinkled dry over food or easily dissolved in water. You can feed with confidence that we never use preservative or additives in any of our products. Nature's Diet Digestion Bone Broth provides superior nutrition, targeted functional health benefits for your pet and unparalleled convenience for you.

Ingredients :

  • Beef Bone Broth
  • Pumpkin
  • Apple Fiber
  • Probiotic
  • Prebiotic
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