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Dental Health & Oral Hygiene Value Bundle

Dental Health & Oral Hygiene Value Bundle



Our Dental Health & Oral Hygiene Pack, a three-product powerhouse dedicated to enhancing your pet's oral health, fresh breath & well-being. This comprehensive bundle includes Nature's Diet® Norwegian Salmon Oil, a rich source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids that promotes dental health, fights plaque & helps prevent gum disease, Nature's Diet® Whole Cream Goat Milk, renowned for its immune-boosting properties & packed with calcium and phosphorus vital for maintaining strong teeth and bones. Additionally, the pack includes Nature's Toothbrush, a daily supplement made from pure Icelandic seaweed granules, clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar more effectively than brushing alone. This all-natural, USDA-certified organic solution whitens teeth, freshens breath, and minimizes plaque buildup for improved overall dental and oral hygiene. Convenient and easy to use, simply sprinkle it over your pet's daily meal. Witness noticeable results in just 3 - 8 weeks. Prioritize your pet's dental health and oral hygiene with this all-inclusive bundle for just $59.99. 

Nature's Toothbrush: 

  • Organic Icelandic Seaweed

Whole Cream Goat Milk Powder:

  • Whole Cream Goat Milk

Norwegian Salmon Oil:

  • Norwegian Salmon Oil
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We Love Nature's Diet

I’m so happy that I found this company! I have been looking for human grade pet food for my dog but there aren’t many affordable choices out there. Sparky absolutely loves Simply Raw. It makes me feel good that I am able to feed him such quality food.

This Small BUsiness Delivers

My order arrived fast and was packaged really well. I used to have to lug heavy bags of kibble back from the store – but the freeze-dried products are so light weight that I can easily carry the box and store in my pantry.

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